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  • Can I book my photography session online?
    You can easily view the current availability of our various services on our website. If you find an available slot that suits you, simply fill out a quick online form to request it. Although this is not a confirmed booking, we will promptly process your request and get back to you with either a confirmation or an alternative option. You will only be required to pay a deposit once your preferred date and time have been confirmed.
  • How long are your vouchers valid for?
    Typically 30 days, but check the voucher terms and conditions for any futher restrictions on use.
  • When do I pay for my session, and is there a 'session fee'?
    First, request your photoshoot date on our website, and when we confirm your booking, we will take the booking fee payment. We change a £30 booking fee which is credited against your final bill. We don't charge a separate session fee. Some studios take a session fee for the shoot and then charge for each set of prints/books/wall art that you buy. The problem with this is if you don't buy anything, you get nothing but still have to pay the session fee. We provide customers with two or three package options that cover the cost of the photoshoot and include a minimum number of prints or digital images. This ensures that you always receive something from the shoot and have the option to upgrade to a higher package or create a customized package by ordering additional prints and products. Our approach is very flexible to accommodate your needs. You'll need to pay for your chosen package and extras during your viewing and ordering session, but we offer payment in instalments to help you manage the cost. More Information: Typical package contents and costs
  • How far in advance should I book my session?
    You can book online sessions with us up to 90 days in advance and reserve them up to 4 days before their scheduled date. For the best experience, please request your sessions as early as possible, as it gives us more time to prepare and make them more enjoyable for you. Booking newborn sessions : Babies can be unpredictable, so to ensure we can schedule a session after your little one arrives, please provide me with your due date. I will tentatively schedule a date 5-14 days after that, but please note this is just a guideline. After the birth, please confirm your session date with me, regardless of whether the baby arrives early or late. We will adjust the schedule as needed to accommodate any changes.
  • How does the booking Calendar work?
    The calendar page displays a monthly view, with available dates marked by a dot underneath. To view available time slots, simply click on a date and check the right side of the calendar. Please note that we only offer two slots per day in the studio - one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The time displayed is typically the earliest starting time for the session. When filling out the booking form, make sure to request your preferred start time for the morning or afternoon session in the notes field. After requesting a slot, we will contact you via phone or text to confirm the details and time. Rest assured, we've got you covered. More Information: Photoshoots and Booking Links
  • Do you offer payment plans?
    Certainly! You can split your payment into three parts. Your initial payment will be 50% of the total amount and is required on the day of your viewing when you select the package of images/prints and products you want. The remaining 25% will be due in two equal instalments over the next two months. Please note that digital images are typically available within a week of the shoot, but prints and wall art will only be delivered after completing all three payments.
  • Do you work weekends?
    Newborn and sitter sessions are typically scheduled on weekends, subject to availability. Adele works Monday-Friday as a driving instructor, and we both prefer to be there for these types of shoots where an extra pair of hands is needed in front of the camera. However, if you have a specific date in mind, please contact us, as we may be able to shuffle things around to accommodate a midweek session. Keith is available on weekdays for maternity and couples shots and for older children, family groups and headshots. We occasionally work Bank Holidays as well.
  • Can you get rid of spots, scars, baby rash etc?
    I can do a light re-touch on images, but I will leave them as they are if you don't request any changes. Let me know if you want a particular picture to be fully re-touched. Although birthmarks and moles are considered permanent features of your child, I always prioritise your preferences and will follow your guidance on any edits.
  • Where will my session take place?
    If your session is not being held 'on location', we would greatly appreciate it if you could join us at our comfortable home studio situated in Ardsley, Barnsley.
  • Would you be willing to do a location shoot at my home?
    Controlling lighting in places other than our studio can be challenging and result in lower-quality outcomes. However, we can bring our portable lighting rigs to improve the situation. Mobile studio setup incurs an additional cost (typically £400+), so don't hesitate to contact us at for a quote. We understand that every situation is unique, and we're happy to work with you to find the right solution.
  • Do you offer wedding photography?
  • Can I request a certain pose or set up?
    On our website gallery, you can select any prop you like or even bring your own for your newborn session. Every session is tailored to your family's preferences and your baby's needs. Rest assured that we prioritize your baby's comfort and will not force them to do anything uncomfortable. Our goal is to capture the best picture possible with your chosen props.
  • What should my baby wear to the newborn session?
    When looking at our baby photos, you may notice that newborns are sometimes photographed without clothes. This is because certain poses can only be done without clothing. However, we have different props and wraps for the photo shoot. If you prefer your baby to be dressed, we suggest scheduling the shoot for when they are a few weeks older. At that time, we can offer a few mini outfits, or you can bring your own.
  • What should parents wear to a newborn shoot?
    During the photo session, capturing the bond between you and your baby is a highlight for us. As parents, you are also an essential part of the experience. As skin-to-skin contact is recommended in hospitals, it also produces stunning images you will treasure for years, so don't be afraid to get involved. We suggest wearing a plain, tight-fitting v-neck shirt with well-fitted jeans for dads who prefer not to be shirtless. Alternatively, a light-coloured collared shirt with sleeves that can roll up works well. Mums, a loose-fitting tank top in a neutral colour and simple design is ideal. We suggest using natural nail polish or none, as your hands may appear in the photos. Feel free to bring your makeup bag as we aim to capture your family's natural beauty using flattering angles and lighting.
  • When is the best time to book my newborn session?
    If you want to capture your baby's beautiful, dreamy, sleepy poses, it's best to take photographs when they are between 7 to 10 days old. At this age, babies are still very flexible and tend to sleep more often, making it easier and safer to pose them. It's a good idea to book your photography session as soon as you know your due date, and we can constantly adjust the date later when your baby arrives. Remember that babies can be born up to two weeks early or late, so we need some flexibility in our schedule. To ensure you get a spot, booking early is recommended since I can only accommodate three newborn sessions a week, with one session per day.
  • What if my baby doesn’t co-operate during the shoot.
    These things happen !!. We allow a minimum of 3 hours for our baby photoshoot sessions to ensure that we capture the best shots possible. While it's not uncommon for babies to get unsettled during the session, we can assure you that it's a rare occurrence. If your baby happens to be extremely unsettled, we may recommend rescheduling the session for another day.
  • What shall I bring with me to the shoot?
    You can access various hot and cold drinks when you visit the Studio. If you are coming for a newborn shoot, please bring some food, especially if Mum is breastfeeding. Additionally, if your baby uses a dummy, it would be helpful to bring one. A change of clothes is also recommended in case your little one has an accident while being held. For sitter/toddler shoots, bringing a favourite toy or teddy may be beneficial to help your child feel more comfortable. If you are coming for a maternity shoot, please bring a couple of dresses, hats or robes etc. to create various looks. In the Studio, we have props that are suitable for most ages and types of shoots, as well as styled backdrops. However, if you have a specific theme or look, please bring any additional props you would like to include.
  • How long is the photo shoot going to take?
    A typical newborn photoshoot lasts for approximately 3 hours. During this time, we take breaks for feeding, settling, and changing the baby. If the baby is unsettled, the shoot may take longer than expected, which is why we only schedule one newborn session per day. It is important not to rush the shoot as babies can sense our mood. Therefore, please do not plan anything else on the day. Sometimes, newborns may need extra time, and patience is key for a successful photoshoot. For sitter toddler and cake smash sessions, the duration depends on the child. However, if everything goes smoothly, the session will last for 1 to 1.5 hours. Family and older children sessions are usually an hour long. Maternity or couples shoots are allotted an hour, but if they are outdoors, we suggest allowing 90 minutes as we may need to walk between different background areas.
  • How do I prepare my baby or child before my session?
    To prepare for your newborn photo shoot: It is essential to feed your baby 2-3 hours prior and plan to feed them again as soon as you arrive at the studio. Keeping your baby awake beforehand by giving them a bath, massage, or tickling their toes can help ensure those adorable sleepy newborn pictures. It's also best to avoid giving your baby a dummy for a few hours beforehand. However, if your baby is exhausted and needs to sleep or feed, please let them. When you arrive at the studio, your baby may fall asleep on the car ride there, but will likely wake up once undressed. You can feed your baby and wait for them to fall asleep again before starting the photo session. (if you are breastfeeding, we will provide you with some privacy to do this). The studio will be kept warm to keep your naked baby comfortable and sleepy, so I suggest dressing accordingly. The session typically lasts around 3 hours but may go longer if your baby is a light sleeper, very alert, or hungry. Nursing or bottle-feeding your baby on and off during the session can help ensure a sleepy baby, so bring extra bottles if needed. If your baby uses a dummy, bring it along as well. For sitter or cake smash sessions: Be sure your child has a good nap beforehand to ensure they are rested and full of energy for the photo shoot. For a cake smash session, have a change of clothes for the child ( you may want to wear something you are okay with messing up or have a change of clothes on hand too). Messy babies have a habit of sharing sticky cake with their parents! , If they also have a splash session, clean up afterwards with fluffy towels.
  • What about safety?
    At our studio, we prioritise the safety and comfort of your baby above all else. We have completed training courses in wrapping and baby safety posing techniques, and we always have a supporting hand on or very close to your baby while shooting. Additionally, Adele holds an Enhanced DBS certificate, and Keith has a basic DBS check certificate from the government. We never force any poses on your baby; if they don't feel comfortable in any of them, we will move on to the next. Sometimes, we use Photoshop to combine some aspects for more complex poses.
  • Will you need help in handling my baby?
    We aim to make the photo shoot a pleasant experience for you and your baby. When you arrive at the studio, Adele will take your baby and allow you to relax. She will handle the baby, undress them, and position them for most of the session to help them get comfortable with her. However, sometimes the baby may need a cuddle or feed from Mom, and we will always make sure you are available for that. Meanwhile, Keith will focus on creating the perfect setups and camera angles to capture the best possible photos of your baby. If any setups require your assistance, we will discuss them in detail beforehand, and your baby's safety will always be our top priority.
  • What if i am early, or late to my baby session?
    We understand that adjusting to life with a newborn can take some time, which is why we only schedule one session per day and allow a 30-minute grace period. If you anticipate being late, kindly inform us of your estimated time of arrival so we can prepare accordingly. Please note that we arrive at the studio earlier than your scheduled session to set up and create a comfortable environment for your little one. If you happen to arrive early, please refrain from arriving too early as we may not be fully prepared to begin.
  • Do I have to buy one of the three standard packages?
    You are not required to purchase any package; we will not pressure you. However, we have a minimum spend requirement for each service, outlined on separate pages. We can customise the package to meet your needs as long as you meet the minimum spend. You can find more information in our website's "packages" section under each service.
  • How long will it be before I see the photos from our session?
    Following your photo session, we will promptly schedule your viewing and ordering session within ten business days. Additionally, I can offer you the convenience of online access to view and select your preferred images if you so desire.
  • When do I choose my pictures?
    After your photo session, you can view your final collection of 15-20 enhanced images at my studio or via an online gallery. We can do the viewing on a date we agree upon, usually about a week later. This gives you a chance to choose which package you want to buy and any additional prints or products you may be interested in.
  • What packages do you typically offer?
    Our photography studio has several package options available to suit your needs. Our basic package includes the photo shoot cost, the use of our studio and props, and post-processing and retouching of selected images to a professional standard. Please note that this level package is our 'minimum spend requirement' that must be paid for each service. We are happy to accommodate your specific needs if you want to customise your package. For example, if you'd like more digital images and fewer prints, we can make those adjustments. However, please remember that the package's 'minimum spend requirement' will remain the same but could be higher depending on your chosen customisations. If you're looking for more, we also offer a Standard Package that includes everything in the basic package plus more, providing better value for your money. This package contains additional services such as more digital images, prints, and extras. If you're looking for the ultimate photography experience, we recommend our top-tier Premium Package. This package offers even more extras than the Standard Package, including additional prints, photo albums, and a longer session time. While it comes at a higher cost, if you purchase all the extras separately, it would cost much more than the package itself, making it the best value option. for full details of what is included in each package see our packages information page
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