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Creative 2024

I have had an incredibly productive 2023 since retiring from full-time employment in April. I have been fortunate to undertake several high-quality portrait shoots in studios and outdoors, working with some fantastic models. I have also taken significant steps towards setting up a semi-retirement job in family portrait photography and have had the pleasure of doing some beautiful shoots for a select group of clients.

Unfortunately, during the final months of 2023, I had to deal with some health issues that prevented me from being active for a while. Despite my challenges, I am confident I will recover and return soon. This rest period has allowed me to reflect on my accomplishments in 2023 and make plans for 2024.

As a photographer, I have decided to focus my long-term efforts on capturing family portraits, and in doing so, I will be setting up a dedicated studio space in 2024. I plan to have the studio space by the summer, but the timing of this will determine what and when I can do things.

However, I am also eager to continue exploring other creative avenues in photography. By working through collaboration with fellow photographers, I plan to work on several diverse and exciting projects in 2024, from experimenting with macro subjects, outdoor and nature shoots, street photography, creating stunning landscape shots, and playing with lens ball images.

Additionally, I am keen to explore the possibilities of other types of studio photography, utilizing colour, lighting, and other equipment to create visually striking and unique images, and creative projects indoor and outdoor while experimenting with lighting effects.

I am taking the initiative to start planning some projects now while leaving room for organic growth and collaboration with others as the year passes. I am expecting my recovery to take a further eight weeks or so, and I want to use this time to start talking to others whom I can collaborate with.

Projects may be ongoing and necessitate multiple meetings or one-off studio shoots that entail extensive planning and the creation of sets and themes.

I am looking for anyone interested in working with me on creative projects. Do you have your own ideas that we can work on together? If you are still learning, don't let that discourage you. I will bring my experience to the table, and I'm also eager to learn new genres and techniques from you or discover them together. I plan to collaborate creatively with individuals or in small groups of up to three people.

I also want to record the creative journey with some behind-the-scenes images and videos to share as talks and presentations to local camera clubs and groups I am involved in.

If you want to collaborate on any of these, then please get in touch using the link below or via direct message, and let's start talking about planning 2024.

Lets get creative in 2024

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