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Is it time to dump Lightroom (Classic)?

LR Classic v Adobe Lightroom

I have been a Lightroom Classic user and advocate for almost a decade. Although I had tried the cloud-based CC version multiple times, I always found it needed more functionality. I needed more essential features found in LR Classic to suit my needs. I also have a vast catalogue of over 50,000 images, so managing them requires a well-designed tool and significant storage space.

However, Lightroom has undergone significant changes during the last year, bringing about some promising developments. One of the significant upgrades to the software is its ability to access 'local' images. This means that users can now edit their photos locally rather than upload them to the cloud first (having all your content in the cloud can prove expensive). Additionally, Lightroom now offers editing masks and features like the adaptive presets previously only available in Lightroom Classic. These features give users greater control over their edits and allow for more precise adjustments.

Say goodbye to the frustration of the LR Catalogue system

This is good news for photographers and enthusiasts using Lightroom and its mobile apps. The recent updates make it worth taking another look at the software. Previously, Lightroom Classic was seen as the go-to option for professional photographers and advanced users. At the same time, the CC version was more suited to hobbyists and casual photographers. Lightroom Classic needed a considerable investment of time and skills to navigate its catalogue system (which is excellent for professionals running a business but less so for the enthusiast or hobby photographer, who often find it confusing and unwieldy). However, with the recent upgrades, this is no longer the case. Lightroom and its mobile apps are now a fantastic option for all users, from hobbyists to professionals.

Therefore, the recent changes to Lightroom have made it a more capable and versatile photo editing software for all. Its newer features make it a more powerful tool. Whether you are a professional photographer or a casual user, Lightroom and its mobile apps are definitely worth considering. Lightroom Classic is still around, of course, and a few features still need to be migrated to the newer Lightroom version, such as the advanced printing options, creating slideshows, etc. Still, the message is clear: Lightroom Classic's days as the 'main' program are numbered, and Lightroom for cloud/mobile is taking over the throne.

Compare LR Classic and LR interface

With the more modern interface, the 'non-classic' version of Lightroom, and the Creative Cloud apps on my iPad, I can make my post-processing editing workflow more portable than ever before. Using my tablet and Apple pencil for basic edits, I can create and share my work wherever I am. Lightroom CC's built-in sharing features for social media, online galleries, and direct links are making all the exporting I used to do from Lightroom Classic a thing of the past. This is truly inspirational and a dream come true for me.

Editing and sorting images - the future

Get ready to take your photography to new heights! Soon, I'll be planning my transition from LR Classic to the newer, more user-friendly Lightroom for Cloud/Mobile use. If Lightroom Classic has been too complex for you in the past, maybe now is the time to try something new. You may be pleasantly surprised at how easy and enjoyable the latest version of Lightroom is.

Consider your needs and plan your switch to Lightroom for Cloud/Mobile - LR Classic will not disappear tomorrow, but the signs are it is not Adobe's plan to keep it forever once LR is fully featured!

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